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Our Secured Automated Smart Contracts Technology allows everyone to issue own coins and create smart contracts for Pre ICO or ICO without knowledge of coding by simply filling out a form on our website.

This compelling solution solves the problem many entrepreneurs face when they want to issue own coins and raise investments for their startup but do not have a blockchain developer in the team or not willing to wait for a manual smart contract development that can take around a week

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Network: TestNetwork (Ropsten)

Configure tokensale

Start your ICO/Token sale with a few clicks


Create your own wallet

Send assets

Transfer your cryptocurrency assets

Send tokens

Transfer your tokens


Create your own cryptocurrency for future distribution or crowdsale

Audit smart contracts

We provide comprehensive and standardized audit of smartcontracts

Get crypto assets

Exchange your fiat currency into cryptoassets in just a few clicks!

Buy tokens

Buy your tokens with your own crowdsale contract


Ethereum technology


OpenZeppelin technology


Truffle technology


Bitbucket technology